Safety & Compliance

Safety & Compliance

Operating Authorities:

Letter of Authority  

We help in getting required permits and authorities to the contract motor carrier. the letter of authority or permit is a document issued by the department granting intrastate authority to a person or corporation to operate a motor vehicle as a motor carrier transporting goods and services.

Log Book Audit:

Non-compliant driver logs are a fast way to convert your satisfactory rating to Conditional rating or may be more worse. if your rating is downgraded then the big load brokers are not giving you any freight. With today’s ever-changing regulations it’s nearly impossible for a safety manager to visually inspect all the logs and discover all the violations. We checks your driver logs for compliance to the Hours of Service regulations, border and fuel and other receipts as well as checking each log for form and manner errors.  Your logs are kept on file in our image database for fast retrieval.


International Fuel Tax Agreement  requires that all trucking companies those run in interstate must pay taxes to individual states for the wear and tear on their roads. Each state and province has its own rates and the fuel tax is based on the number of Kilometer a truck is driven on state or province roads. Companies that do not have an automated solution rely on drivers to keep manual logs as they travel within or from state to state. Its a nightmare for the companies to maintain full record, we help you in preparation of IFTA Return.

IRP Registration and plates 

We help you to get the IRP registration and get the plates for your trucks.

Driver Qualification Files:

● We Supply you All Driver Qualification Forms

● We check and ensure that each  Driver Files is in  Compliance

● As required Police verification and driver abstract and CVOR are Checked and keep in file for all New Hires

●We track Your Drivers so that we can meet Monthly Compliance Requirements

● We Offers a Number of Training Options


We  will assist you in preparing your C-TPAT Security Profile which you will upload to US Customs during your Online Application process.  Our Full package, updated to the latest Customs requirements, includes:

  • Action Plan – step-by-step instructions
  • Security Profile –  to create your Security Profile on Customs C-TPAT Portal
  • Security Policy –  to create a C-TPAT Security Policy
  • Business Partner Security Requirements
  • Business Partner Security Questionnaire
  • C-TPAT Training Presentation
  • 5 Step Risk Assessment Process Guide
  • 7 Point Container Checklist
  • 17 Point Tractor Trailer Checklist


Safety Meetings:

We provide quarterly safety meeting with all the drivers of the company and discuss the following:

  • how to prevent accidents—particularly “critical crashes” such as rollovers, run-unders, and rear-enders.
  • If accident happen driver receive additional training to reduce future risk
  • Fatigue Program has significantly reduced accidents
  • truck drivers are recognized for their individual performance
  • provide the truck drivers comprehensive instruction for driving safely and familiarity with the various resources
  • giving away Cash to the Driver Safety Home promotion