About Factoring

The meaning of factoring is turn your invoices/receivables into CASH

As We have seen Most of the  small and Medium size transport companies and other business houses, provide there services or  sell their goods  to other small or medium , large-sized businesses or government agencies, which invariably require their  vendors to submit invoices for payment, usually bearing Net-30-90 days. Therefore, in reality to meet their working capital requirement , small businesses or medium size business needs funds to meet their cash flow.

In North America  all small business owners want to increase their fleet and business, but only  few have the necessary Working Capital to handle increased demands in times of economic growth, due to extended invoice payment in periods of slowness.

Therefore, the ultimate financial tool to finance the working capital requirement is known as Factoring, which is the assignment of accounts receivable (invoices) at a discount at or near the time of invoice creation, can help solve this inevitable Cash Flow Problem.

The following are the main services we provide you:

  • Provides you with immediate cash (same day) that can be used to meet your working capital needs to grow your business
  • Provides clients with cash advances of 90-97% of the invoice
  • Collects payment for the invoices .
  • The main feature of our factoring commission is no hidden fees or charges.