Diesel Fuel


Discount of CAD $ 0.07 to 0.095 Cent Per Liter 

Our fuel card accepted more than 6000 locations all over North America, But we will advise you at which locations you will get the best discount in the market. We guarantee you that you will get discount of CAD $ 0.015 to CAD $ 0.025 cent per liter  in Canada and US $ 0.04 to 0.07 cents per Gallon in USA over the Current Cash price.  You can see the current Cash Price at our Current price Section.

The Current Cash Price is always  CAD $ 0.06 to 0.07 Cent lower than the Current retail Price. Which means you will save at least CAD $ 0.07 to 0.095 cents per liter over the retail price.

To See our Cash Price you have to be a member of A & A Fuel Management.